Monday, October 3, 2011

10 DPO *test results*

Today is 10 DPO.

This morning's tests revealed a BFN :(

It's still early and there is still hope but so far it's not looking good for this cycle. AF is due this weekend.

H and I have discussed actions for a future attempt if AF does show.

We aren't losing all hope yet, but it was a disappointment to see nothing significant at this point on a test. I got a BFP with my 2nd child at 8 DPO, so I was expecting something to show by now.

Keep your fingers crossed that we have a stubborn sticky in there!

If not, then send the baby dust!!!


  1. AW Momma! Maybe baby didn't take as quickly! You know some little ones take longer :] I'm praying for you & your couple!

  2. Definitely sending some sticky baby dust your way!! Maybe its just too early!? I tested 10DPO positive, but I had a friend who never tested positive on a stick until she was 7 weeks pregnant...crazy huh?
    But definitely sending dust and prayers your way!! ((((hugs))))

  3. Maybe it was just a bad test! I never tested positive on a pee stick with my daughter until I was 12 weeks pregnant, but I was surely pregnant with a healthy pregnancy! Weird, right? Sending LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS of sticky baby dust your day!!