Thursday, December 22, 2011

not happening

Insemination is not going to happen this month either. Today would have been the day but things changed on the IPs end and they couldn't ship yesterday or today. The Holidays really have messed this all up.

My cervix was high and soft late last night and early this morning, now it's lowering and firmer. I didn't test yesterday because I was at a birth but this morning's OPK was barely positive, so I think it would have been positive yesterday.

I think we are gonna miss it and it would be a waste of money to try and ship tomorrow to try an insemination on the 24th, Saturday. I was expecting another CD 18 ovulation (Saturday, 24th), but it looks like CD 16-17, which is almost normal.

Everyone is frustrated.

So it's on to January. Next ovulation prediction around Jan 21st.

Monday, December 19, 2011

CD 13, 3 days until insem!

It's THIS WEEK!!! It's finally getting close! December 22nd, Thursday is when I will inseminate! All signs looking good so far, I'm having creamy/water mucus, my cervix has been so far low and firm so it should start to move in the upcoming days. I'm expecting a positive OPK to happen on Thursday the day of insemination or Friday the day after. I'm hoping we finally have our timing right!

H & M will ship the semen on Weds overnight so it will arrive Thursday morning at my door. I'll then go through the at home insemination process.

I will be busy all day Wednesday at my first birth as a doula! I'm hoping the distraction will be a good thing :) 

So this week is a huge week! I have my first birth as a doula, I'm inseminating in hopes of conceiving baby roo (that's my nickname for baby) and it's also Christmas on Sunday! Holy Moly Guacamole! Busy Busy!! 

I have my idea on how to tell H & M when I'm finally pregnant as well, but that's my little secret since they read this :)

H posted this photo tonight on FB with the caption....
"I bought this last year thinking we'd have a little Santa to wear it. Makes me sad."

You've heard the song "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth" well I'm singing "All I want for Christmas is two more feet" 

Two more tiny feet to tot around H & M's loving home! 

I hope everyone has a wonderful Holiday! 

Keep us all in your thoughts and prayers that our Christmas wish comes true and that next year H & M will have a little santa to wear that adorable outfit pictured above!