Friday, July 8, 2011

Turtle or the Hare

Will this egg be a turtle or a hare? That is the question.

I am hoping for a positive within the next day or two but we'll see. I usually ovulate the day after I get a positive test. 

I am trying to space the testing no greater than 12 hours apart but it all depends on when I have to go pee ;) 

My new goal is to aim for 9-10am and 9-10pm, each day until the I see the drop after my surge. I was trying to test in the afternoon (2-3) and then again in the evening (8-10). But I think those are too close together during the day and too far apart at night.

I am bloated, crampy and tired. All good signs! 

I want my cycle to be less than 40 days this month so let's get a move on eggie! :)

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