Monday, December 19, 2011

CD 13, 3 days until insem!

It's THIS WEEK!!! It's finally getting close! December 22nd, Thursday is when I will inseminate! All signs looking good so far, I'm having creamy/water mucus, my cervix has been so far low and firm so it should start to move in the upcoming days. I'm expecting a positive OPK to happen on Thursday the day of insemination or Friday the day after. I'm hoping we finally have our timing right!

H & M will ship the semen on Weds overnight so it will arrive Thursday morning at my door. I'll then go through the at home insemination process.

I will be busy all day Wednesday at my first birth as a doula! I'm hoping the distraction will be a good thing :) 

So this week is a huge week! I have my first birth as a doula, I'm inseminating in hopes of conceiving baby roo (that's my nickname for baby) and it's also Christmas on Sunday! Holy Moly Guacamole! Busy Busy!! 

I have my idea on how to tell H & M when I'm finally pregnant as well, but that's my little secret since they read this :)

H posted this photo tonight on FB with the caption....
"I bought this last year thinking we'd have a little Santa to wear it. Makes me sad."

You've heard the song "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth" well I'm singing "All I want for Christmas is two more feet" 

Two more tiny feet to tot around H & M's loving home! 

I hope everyone has a wonderful Holiday! 

Keep us all in your thoughts and prayers that our Christmas wish comes true and that next year H & M will have a little santa to wear that adorable outfit pictured above!

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