Friday, August 19, 2011

Moving Forward...I hope!

Sorry it has been so long since my last post. I have been busy trying to get my business started as a birth doula and  placenta encapsulationist. The journey has been slow right now though.

I did get another pap smear last week. I was told by the OB/GYN that if the results were bad, I would receive a call in about a week and if things were fine I would get a letter in the mail. I did not get a call today, one week exactly, and I haven't received a letter either, so I am hoping this is good news because of no call!

I am on CD 17 of the last "practice" cycle. I am feeling the fertility signs and I started using OPKs again this month. They are looking promising so far but no positives yet.

I have gained 2 more pounds to bring my weight up to 110lbs. I think the more weight I gain, the better it will help shorten/normalize my cycle. My goal is 115-118lbs, that is right around where I was when I got pregnant with both my children.

Hopefully I hear the official results of my pap smear in the next couple of days and we can finally get the contract signed :)

I am definitely ready for the next step!

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