Monday, August 8, 2011

slight hiccup

I received the results of my Pap smear and it showed abnormal cells. I was not expecting that kind of news and I have never had an abnormal Pap before but I am going to get it re-done this coming Thursday in hopes it was just a false positive. I know a few women, including my own mother, that had an abnormal then it turned out to be nothing.

I just started my last practice cycle before our planned insemination cycle in Sept/Oct last week. My cycles have been longer than I had hoped so I might ovulate too close or in Sept during this last practice, which would put us in October for conception. Not a big deal. It would mean a July baby, like me :)

If my Pap comes back with the same results, I will have to put my surrogacy journey on hold and seek treatment. I am staying positive though and hoping for the best!

If you pray, keep me in them.


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