Tuesday, January 17, 2012

October Baby?

HOORAH! AF showed up last week!

I'm currently on CD 6, AF left earlier today.

Plans about this cycle are still being discussed. I'll let you know when we decide anything for sure.

I *think* ovulation will occur between Jan 29th and Feb 4th, CD 18-24. That's a whole week to try inseminations, but we'll see what H & M will like to do.

I'm continuing to take Vitex and drink Fertilitea and Red Raspberry Leaf Tea, plus all the normal vitamins I take. We will be trying the instead cup whenever we do inseminate, I just have this feeling that it will work!

I am really hoping we can work this cycle out in our favor for a late October baby!

Keep us in your thoughts and send the babydust!

1 comment:

  1. woohoo..hope this is the month! I got preggie the 19th of January and had a Oct 8th baby!!! I'm so excited for you and this awesome family!!