Sunday, January 8, 2012


Today is CD 33. I was expecting my period on the 4th or 5th of January. It's now the 8th of January. I'm currently 16 DPO, or so I believe, I don't really know what to think! I had a barely positive OPK on CD 16, I wasn't able to test CD 15 because I was at a birth. I believed my body ovulated on CD 17, my cervix told me so as well as my cervical mucus, the signs were there. So why is AF not here yet :(

I just want AF to start so we can figure out where to go next. I had 3 months of regularity in my cycles where I could predict within a 3-4 days span when I would ovulate, but now with this messed up cycle I won't know for sure next cycle.

If my ovulation was delayed I wish I just knew for sure so I could expect AF to arrive 12-14 days after that date. Maybe I had an anovulatory cycle and never actually ovulated, but had the signs.

I'm definitely temping next cycle so I know for sure what day ovulation occurs! I was going to this cycle but had forgotten at the beginning.

I DO NOT like not knowing what my body is doing in terms of fertility.....

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