Saturday, June 18, 2011

let me introduce you to my little *fertility* friend!

I am set and ready for charting again! I am using Fertility Friend just like I did with Joshua. It's basic and easy for me to understand :)

AF is due, well she's overdue but that's not unusual for me to be a few days off in either direction. I have been averaging 38 day cycles since AF returned when Joshua was 3 months old. Longer cycles are my normal, I've never been a 28 day gal. Today is CD 41. My back is hurting, I'm tired, I'm crampy and just overall feeling "blah". AF is just lingering and probably waiting for the most inconvenient moment to strike. If she happens to hold off until after Tuesday, that's totally fine because I have a Papsmear scheduled that afternoon with my midwife, Peggy. I forgot about how close AF was to showing up when I made the appointment. If I have to reschedule, no big deal.

                                                Look what came in the mail today!

100 sticks for my peeing pleasure, courtesy of H! I will admit that when I was charting/TTC my children, I was a POAS (pee on a stick) addict ;)

Hopefully if all goes well, we don't need all 100 of these bad boys.

I plan to start testing around CD 16 since I have longer cycles. Hopefully this coming cycle and next cycle will teach me enough about where my best 3 day window will be for the insemination. Accuracy is key! We want this to work on the first try!

I had my blood work done earlier this week, I am sure those results will be fine.

Right now, I need your AF dust, so we can get this show on the road!

random fact: I said AF six times including now. :)

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