Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Bah Humbug!

It's CD 16, and at 12:30pm I got a positive OPK.....

I messed up the date at first

I should be happy right? .....WRONG!

I'm frustrated! There isn't a possibility that H & M can ship today due to H's job demanding her to be in meetings all day, FedEx will close 30mins after she gets out of work, and if they shipped tomorrow it would be a waste because it wouldn't be delivered until Friday because of Thanksgiving! So the soonest we could inseminate is Saturday if they shipped on Friday.

A positive OPK means I will ovulate in the next 12-48 hours. So at the latest Thursday, so if I inseminated on Saturday that's 2 days after ovulation at the earliest. Worse case scenario is I ovulate late tonight while sleeping or tomorrow (Wednesday), then that's 3 whole days after ovulation that I can inseminate. The egg would no longer be viable, since it only "lives" for 48 hours. :(


I'm glad that I am ovulating closer to normal in my cycle....CD 16 for a positive OPK is really good, but why does it have to be around the holidays! Last month it happened right before Halloween! It looks like that it might happen for Christmas too! CD 16 would be Christmas Eve, if my cycle is 32 days this round. I most likely be ovulating around December 26th next cycle.

This is a bit ridiculous!


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