Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I mentioned previously about H & M shipping the semen. You might be wondering HOW DOES THAT WORK?

We use a kit, called BioTranz, that is specially designed for shipping semen.

Information from their website:

The Bio-TranZ® sperm shipper container with all its contents are designed to cool semen to approximately 5°C for overnight transport all over the United States. 

The Bio-TranZ® technology provides:

  • Proven technology for mailing liquid semen.
  • Reduces anxieties and pressure during semen production.
  • Easy for its use and employment.
  • Saves precious time and money.
  • Shipped semen can be used for IUI or evaluation.
  • Guarantees similar results to fresh semen.
  • Helps avoid unnecessary travel and stays in hotels.

The Bio-TranZ®, because of its unique features, allows a patient to transport unfrozen semen to a location for evaluation purposes or use in an insemination program or other Assisted Reproductive Techniques (ART) such as In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF). 

By using the Bio-TranZ® one can save precious time (travel, etc) and most importantly, financially, since the Bio-TranZ® and the transportation (via overnight shipper) costs only a fraction of what it would normally cost for the patient to travel and stay at the given location. 

The quality of the sperm shipped via the Bio-TranZ® is as good as fresh sperm, which guarantees excellent fertilization and pregnancy results. The Bio-TranZ® is easy to use and comes with all materials needed for the shipment, as well as, very simple instructions that one can follow.

Each package contains:

  • Corrugated shipping box
  • Polystyrene (Styrofoam) container 
  • Cold pack
  • Thin piece of Styrofoam with 2 holes
  • Test-Yolk Buffer (TYB; 5 ml) 
  • Test-tube
  • Fabricated Styrofoam core (block)
  • Shipping label (pre-paid return label optional)
  • Instructions

H & M will follow the instructions for this kit, then take it to FedEx right before it closes, and ship it overnight so it can be delivered at the earliest time the next morning. I take over from there and start the at home insemination process. 

Timing is everything! 

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