Monday, November 7, 2011

Cycle 3: CD 1

Today is the first day of cycle 3.

AF arrived 3 days earlier this month, but that's ok :)

I bought some Fertilitea, so I'm going to start drinking that tonight. I was drinking Traditional Medicinals Female Toner tea last cycle, which may explain why my cycle was a little bit early and why I ovulated a little earlier. I usually have longer cycles but this one was actually closer to normal.

Because it came 3 days earlier, this should mean ovulation will occur between the 24th-28th of this month.

We could have a Turkey Baby!

I can't think of anything better for the IPs to be thankful for this year, if it does happen!

I hope everything goes according to plan and the holidays don't interfere at all. That's my only worry at the moment. I'm not even sure my family and I are traveling for Thanksgiving, we've been having car troubles.

As always, keep sending the baby dust!!!

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